Sunday, February 12, 2012

My advice.

untitled-24 February 11, 2012-174

We are all on this rock, we might as well get along.

My advice to you is to help one another, be just, be determined.

Set goals for yourself.

Learn something new every day.  May it not always be learned “the hard way”.

Be kind to friends.

See from the viewpoint of your foe.

Do not be afraid to use force if it is warranted.

Treason is the condition one is in if he betrays the trust he has earned. Don’t do that.

Don’t create antagonism.

Do these and you will never feel like you’ve been caught in a scallop dredge.


Kerri said...

I would say that is excellent advice!
What a cool image!

dAwN said...


Roy said...

Steve Borichevsky for President.

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