Thursday, February 23, 2012

The 4th Mildest Winter on Record

This is how we think of New England in the winter with snow and evergreens dominating the scenery. But not this year.

Appleton Farms 1-10-2009 3-15-14 PM

We had the fourth warmest January since record began in 1895. This was the first January that all of the 48 contiguous states were above average temperature. The February statistic hasn’t been released yet, but I would expect the same story will be coming forthwith.

untitled-8 February 19, 2012-183

It’s made it rather difficult to go out to get the good shots.  Everything is brown and black. One has to look for splashes of color.

©2012 Steve Borichevsky


Carol Mattingly said...

Steve, unfortunately you are right. Just a quick note though. In the midwest black and brown winters are more typical to us than white ones. In the past few years we have had more snowy winters here which is highly unusual. I would love to have your normal winters up there with much snow. Barb at One Good Thing does the snow dance which might be an option for you. You might want to consider that. Hopefully next year your New England winters will be back as I enjoy all those snow shots. Carol

Richard said...

Your landscape looks just like what we have in Minn.

Roy said...

There is something about trees, bare or not, that always look good Steve.

cindyzlogic said...

Yes, we had one good snow. Great compositions, though!

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