Saturday, January 14, 2012

Saturday Evening Creature Feature, The Common Myna

©2012 Steve Borichevsky

The Common Myna is very common throughout Hawaii. We saw these throughout our stay on the Big Island. These birds are very social and travel in pairs and small groups.

The Common Myna was introduced to Hawaii in 1865 to control armyworms and cutworms in sugarcane crops. Unfortunately, today’s “solution” becomes tomorrow’s “problem”.  The Common Myna has been attributed to spreading the invasive Lantana camara across the Hawaiian Islands’ grasslands. It also has been recorded as the fourth-ranking avian pest in the fruit industry by a 2004 survey of the Hawaiian Farm Bureau.

It is unfortunate when a species becomes a man made problem. They are only doing what every species on this planet is trying to do…survive.



©2012 Steve Borichevsky

Putting all of the factoids aside, I rather enjoyed having them around. I never saw one bird alone, they always traveled in twos and threes. They do have a pleasant nature.

©2012 Steve Borichevsky

The Common Myna can be rather inquisitive. This one seemed to be wondering what the beeping was all about from that black thingy. After the photo shoot, I took my morning dishes into the kitchen. I left my gear on the table. The pair hopped down onto the rail for a closer look.

©2012 Steve Borichevsky

©2012 Steve Borichevsky


Roy said...

Nice friendly birds.
I hope you didn't teach them any bad words Steve. ?
They are pretty good at mimicking.{:))

dAwN said...

cool lookin fella. Lucky you in paradise!

Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I clicked on your "my gear" link and it is always refreshing to see that someone's photography you greatly admire comes from the same camera and lenses you have yourself.

bunnits said...

Delightful shots!

Gene said...

What nice photos and a delightful site.

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