Friday, January 13, 2012

Forgotten Photo Friday, Ruddy Turnstones

Today I have a little different Forgotten Photo Friday. Certainly, there are some lost pictures found on an archive dive such as this Ruddy Turnstone shot on Dogbar Breakwater here in Gloucester, December 12, 2009. What the heck? You have wings…

Ruddy Turnstone 12-19-2009 11-53-42 AM

…why don’t you fly down to Sint Maarten in the Caribbean like this Ruddy Turnstone.

Ruddy Turnstone, Sint Maarten 6-30-2008 4-46-28 PM

The Ruddy Turnstone below was shot on Eastern Point after a storm washed a lot of sea vegetables onto the shoreline. He was searching for invertebrates and brine flies.

Ruddy Turnstone 8-29-2008 10-05-11 AM

This is where we diverge from our normal Forgotten Photo Friday post. I hadn’t yet forgotten about this photo. These Ruddy Turnstones were shot in Hawaii on December 29, 2011. This is much better than freezing on Dogbar Breakwater.

©2012 Steve Borichevsky


Jane said...

Awesome shots, Steve. I didn't see the Turnstones on St Maarten when I was there at Christmas but did see a similar kind of bird on Eleuthera. Thanks for sharing:)

Andrew said...

Beautiful images.
Turnstones are lovely little birds to see..

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