Friday, September 23, 2011

Someone’s gotta know something ‘bout this.

Two years ago, 25 September 2009, I took these shots by the Scott Bridge in Townsend, Vermont. This film crew was shooting a piece that involved two men in a Roles Royce station wagon and a guy standing out in the rain.

Scott Bridge, Townshend 9-25-2009 4-52-37 PMScott Bridge, Townshend 9-25-2009 4-46-31 PMScott Bridge, Townshend 9-25-2009 4-48-25 PMScott Bridge, Townshend 9-25-2009 4-49-01 PM

I gave my blog card to someone in the production crew that was going to send me a link to the film’s website, but he never came through.

So every year, I send out a query. Somebody’s gotta know something.

Oh, I almost forgot. Happy Friday! It’s that time for those forgotten photos!


ksdoolittle said...

Quite interesting. So, that's how they make rain. It always looks so realistic, I've often wondered if they just wait until it rains to shoot certain scenes!

Carol Mattingly said...

The horror film "The Whisperer in Darkness" by H. P. Lovecraft. That's my guess. I can find almost anything given the chance and when you said you didn't have any idea and the guy didn't call or write you I figured maybe I could find it. Google the film name. Not sure if it's out on film but it was shot in Townsend, VT and was based, I think, on a novel. Carol

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