Friday, April 22, 2011

Forgotten Photo Friday: Earth Day

This post is targeted at those that probably have never seen my photos. Although they will never read it, or even stop by. Maybe, in some small way it will have some effect. I make my decisions using a different set of criteria than most. I’m making a statement on Earth Day. This is the way I have rolled all my life.Humpback Whale

I make my decisions based on the hypothesis that if we live more than once then we will inherit the world that we created. Before you freak out, or click the red x in the upper right corner, be sure you understand the word hypothesis and hear me out. I make no assertions that this hypothesis is valid or that you have to believe it because I won’t let you be my friend if you don’t.

mad dogs and englishmen 002Suppose just for the moment that the one that dies with the most toys not only wins, but finds himself pooping in a new diaper without those toys. Could happen. You cannot prove that it doesn’t.

So back to this hypothesis that we will inherit the world that we create. Look at what we are creating. On a personal level, we have our gardens, our art work, this is all fine. But I’m going to ask you to look beneath the carpet and find out what is being swept under it and ask yourself in light of our hypothesis, is this rational behavior?

And that is going to be our acid test, rationality. Here is an example. A bloke decides that all bicycles should be painted purple. He sells purple bicycle paint and he gets a law passed. He makes a lot of money selling purple paint. Later in his next life he wonders why there are all these purple bicycles. Wouldn’t it be great to have a blue or a red bike? Sure, but there is a purple bicycle law some fool got passed 40 years ago.

Calves 13 Apr 08 008See where I’m going yet? If this hypothesis is correct in one lifetime, the man that is making millions and billions producing atomic bombs comes back in the next generation where he finds himself crouched in fear wondering when the bright flash is going to come and wonders why he has bone cancer.

But maybe it doesn’t have to be on such a grand scale. He may wonder why so many species went extinct in the 21st century. Wow, did the polar bears really live in the cold? You mean that New York City was built above sea level? And who was the dork that decided it was okay to create super bacteria by feeding antibiotics to farm animals?

If more people would adopt a philosophy that what is happening on this planet has something to do with them, perhaps things would change. Maybe this hypothesis is just the thing we need. After all, our politicians have absolutely no back-off on mortgaging our children’s and grand-children’s futures on building bombs and Big Brother cameras that deteriorate our liberty. And we let them.

We go to our doctors and do not set them straight on anti-depressants that make people depressed and crazier than junkyard dogs. Don’t even get me started on the absolutely chicken-shit education system that allows Nurse Ratched to drug our children. When we were kids we lined up for milk in school, not Ritalin.

We have a pretty cool planet. It’s green in places.


Sometimes it turns really wonderful colors. There won’t be anyone around to appreciate it if we don’t change the way we do business.

Sunset, Natural Bridges State Park, CA 12-28-2008 9-00-58 PM

What you do in life makes a difference. Three years ago, I did my own market research to find out the directions that our customers were going with energy efficiency. It wasn’t popular but my senior supported my efforts. I partnered with my key vendors to develop equipment I needed and drove my organization towards implementation based on lower cost of ownership.  I took delivery of the first evaluation equipment in October. In the six months since the first installation, my configuration has delivered equal performance and saved two tons of CO2 emissions. Now our clients are telling our CEO that we are the ones pioneering green initiatives in our field. 

I’m pleased that on Earth Day, I have sent two of my configurations into the field and I have several orders piling in. You just got to care about the planet. For each implementation, that will be 4 tons less CO2 emissions per installation per year. This is going to be huge.

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Chris said...

Congrats on your innovation Steve, it is for sure worth the effort. I totally agree with you that everybody should be concerned about such issues, but I guess most of the humans are concerned about them first!

eileeninmd said...

A great post, Steve! I wish more people thought like you! Your photos are awesome!

Lesley said...

As usual, great photos. Absolutely love the first one.
And, thank goodness for having support behind your innovations.

word verification is 'bright' - here's to a bright future.

Judy said...

Bravo!! That is an accomplishment to be proud of!!
I can't decide whether I like the whale, or that last shot of the birds in the sunset better!! I will simply have to look again!

Linnea said...

I appreciate this post and your thoughts. I'm all for treading lightly on Mother Nature... she is after all the Big Boss! Fabulous sunset shot!

micke said...

The last pictures was amazing beatuful.

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