Friday, December 3, 2010

Forgotten Photo Friday, Glaucous Gull

Yes, it is Friday, time to take a look at some shots that never have been posted. I saw my first Glaucous Gull of the season last week. It wasn’t this one, but you get the idea.

This gull was shot last February during the Cape Ann Birding Weekend. If you are coming to Gloucester, head out to Eastern Point Light or come to State Fish Pier. They aren’t always a sure thing, but they are around. This one was shot flying by Ten Pound Island.

Glaucous Gull 2-7-2010 11-03-47 AM

Glaucous Gull 2-7-2010 11-03-51 AM

Not the white wings with no black marks, mottled undercarriage and heavy bill. I have other Glaucous Gull shots posted if you are interested.


Chris said...

First time I saw it this year was back in April ;-) Quite a different timing... You got beautiful flight shots there Steve.

ksdoolittle said...

Shot.....through a camera lens, not by a gun! At first, I felt alarm at what you were going to tell us! Glad to see this beautiful bird, photographed so lovingly.

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