Thursday, September 23, 2010

Where did summer go?

Another summer has come and gone. Yes, today is the official first day of fall. Just to prove it, here are a couple of Autumn Meadowhawks.

©2010 ShootingMyUniverse©2010 ShootingMyUniverse

Good grief! September is almost gone! It’s the 23rd already. Before you know it, I’ll be shooting Purple Sandpipers on Dogbar Breakwater.


Greyscale Territory said...

Beautiful, luminous and transparent wings on these little creatures! Wonderful photos!

forestal said...

wonderful shots for the start of autumn-


Sylvia K said...

Gorgeous captures and what beautiful little creatures indeed! And, yes, where did summer go??? Time flies, I guess, whether you're having fun or not!! I do like to think that there's always beauty to enjoy in all the seasons if you take the time to look and you obviously do! Thanks for sharing that beauty with us!


Chris Petrak said...

I love their names - meadowhawks. I find it easier to watch hawks high overhead than to get a good look, much less a photo of any sort, of small creatures like these. And you manage exceptional photos! Officially Fall!!

Mike Simmons said...

Nice images Steve! The color in the second one is really nice. Fall is here!

Roy said...

Very colourful 'Bokeh' Steve and those dragons are the right colour for Autumn.

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