Thursday, September 2, 2010

We’re in for a bit of a blow

You can click on the forward arrow in the upper right corner to watch the wave heights progress with the storm.



Mojo said...

Yeah, word is we're gonna get a bit of that down here too. The Outer Banks is apparently right in the cross hairs. But there was some talk that Earl might turn north and that the inbound system out of the west might feed into the tag end of him and create a "hybrid" storm that'd turn into a Nor'easter. The folks at Hatteras a little older than me that remember 1961 would probably prefer the hurricane.

Anyway, I'm personally far enough inland that I don't think it'll affect my area much. We only get the "F" storms here (Fran in '96 and Floyd in '99).

Keep your head down, and good luck to ya!

Kay said...

Stay safe and dry.

Chris Petrak said...

I thought about coming to the coast for a whale watch, then remember - oh yeah, there's a storm coming. Maybe later. Batten down.

dAwN said...

Yikes..Stay safe and get your boat ready!

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