Tuesday, September 7, 2010

On the Boulder Four Mile Canyon Wildfire

No photo tonight, just my thoughts about the Four Mile Canyon Wildfire in Boulder Colorado. Long time followers will know that I lived in Colorado for 16 years. Six of those years I lived in the Pine Brook Hills subdivision. My four acres backed up to a ridge that looked down into Four Mile Canyon and up to Sunshine Canyon.

Pine Brook Hills is just outside of Boulder in the foothills. It was a tight community and we had many friends there when my children were tiny rug-rats.  Needless to say, I have had a taste of what they are going through. In 1990, we made it through the Old Stage Road fire. A couple of years later there was a minor fire up Sunshine Canyon.

Every area has its natural disasters. Here we have ice storms, hurricanes and nor'easters. In LA I lived under the threat of earth quakes. In the plains you get tornadoes. In the mountains of Colorado, fires are a threat for six months out of the year.

I loved living in Pine Brook Hills. It was a magical place where I would come home to the vanilla smell of the ponderosa pines. I had 50 species of mountain birds in the yard, my favorite was the Cordilleran Flycatchers that nested under my deck each summer. The mule deer, mountain lion, black bear and Abert’s Squirrels made it a unique place.

Living in the mountains brought unique challenges. Each summer with the diminishing precipitation came the fire season. Each fall, it would finally become real to me how much it weighed on my mind when the first snow would come and blanket the mountains in white, excluding all possibilities of wildfire and I would sleep deeply.

Boulder will recover from the fires. People will rebuild. It just sucks that one cannot live in such a beautiful place without this menace constantly occupying attention units.  Once again I find that Pine Brook Hills has my attention units occupied.

The mountain communities will rebuild. The fire scorched trees will stand for years. But next spring, the grass will be green, greener than you will imagine.


bunnits said...
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bunnits said...

I can't imagine what it must be like to have to go through a wildfire situation. We had a small fire in our attached garage two years ago and it was almost too much mentally and emotionally. Very thankful that we didn't sustain more damage.

My nephew lived on some property at about 7500 feet near Ft. Collins for several years. Beautiful. Visiting him was a primitive delight. As much as I like having him closer now, I was sorry that he left his heavenly retreat and moved back to Alabama.

Anonymous said...

Such is life Steve. They say that all these things happen for a purpose, but they don't say why though.

Anonymous said...

I live in Boulder - it rained pretty good this afternoon, though most of it may have bypassed the burn area. Pinebrook is safe for now, I believe.
Great schooner pics!
Dave Gentry

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