Friday, August 20, 2010


JEFFERSON ISLAND is the 40th of the 110 foot Island Class Patrol Boats. The Cutters crew consists of 2 Officers and 14 Enlisted members. JEFFERSON ISLAND’s primary missions are Domestic Fisheries Enforcement, Search and Rescue, and Homeland Security. JEFFERSON ISLAND’S area of operation is from Maine to New Jersey out to 200nm from shore.

Here the JEFFERSON ISLAND is anchored off of Boston, by about 26 miles! That is Gloucester Harbor where the anchor sits. Saturday morning was a great day, we had views down to Boston, Quincy and Hull Island. That is unusual this time of year when the humidity can make it hot and sticky.

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Mojo said...

Awesome shooting Steve! Really points up the sleek lines of the ship (sorry, boat, anything over 100 feet long is a ship to me).

Chris said...

Beautiful shots Steve for a beautiful boat too! You got a nice sun shine there ;-)

Eve said...

Beautiful! I love the city in the first shot and the sailboat in the second as well!! Thanks Steve!

bunnits said...

Lovely shots. I'll have to make sure my youngest son sees them. He's expressed an interest in the Coast Guard as a career.

Roy said...

I like the second one in particular Steve especially with the sailing ship in the background (nice touch).

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