Monday, July 26, 2010

Three things from the past.

Three antiques from Quebec

Kodak Film?


Remember when you could only get 24 or 36 pictures on this “rolls” and you had to send them to a lab with a wad of cash?


Now unless you are Canadian or a Coloradan, you may not get the significance of why I included this with two film posts. The Quebec Nordiques was the team that moved to Denver to become the Colorado Avalanche. Go AVs!



Anonymous said...

Yes Steve, photography has certainly moved on.

Anonymous said...

Photography has moved forward and maybe a bit backward. I saw the new sleek looking Polaroid cameras in a magazine. I guess some people still want instant paper.

Judy said...

My aunt-in-law still laments the change to digital, asking what the stores can do now, to make a living, when there are not many films to be processed.

Craig Glenn said...

Yea I am not missing film. yay digital!

Craig Glenn

Al said...

I'll stay digital. Colorado stole the Nordiques, and then stole Montreal's goaltender (Patrick Roy), quickly winning a couple of Stanley Cups. I think Canada hated us for a while!

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