Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Sail down the St. Lawrence River

Nearing the end of our New England and Canada cruise, dawn breaks as we sail down the Saint Lawrence River into Quebec City. It’s been a long, peaceful sail from Charlottetown, PEI. We we treated to stunning views of farms, churches and villages as we made our way to our day’s destination.  With the sun rising behind us, we couldn’t have asked for better lighting conditions.

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ruma2008 said...

The scene is very beautiful.
I feel like my heart being thrown open.


Chris said...

Hi Steve,
These landscape are beautiful and I lvoe the video! Well done...

Arija said...

Steve, thank you so much for the video, Fifty two years ago we steamed across the Atlantic from Bremerhafen to Quebec City. We too were glued to the railing eager to see the scenery. Our daughter and granddaughter are there now for a few days.
The countryside and villages are so tidy and well kept and everything smacks of affluence.
What a wonderful trip you are having indeed.

Lorac said...

The St. Lawrence is a beautiful river. Wonderful landscapes!

J Bar said...

Wonderful shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

A New England Life said...

Great video!

It sure doesn't look like any shores around here. No mansions, just good old fashioned homes, farms, and churches. Very pristine. Nice.

Luna Miranda said...

very picturesque! fabulous photos.

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