Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Powerhouse Bridge, Johnson, VT

We took a long weekend over the 4th to have a mini-vacation up in Stowe, VT. We took Rt 108 up through Smuggler’s Notch, a summit pass over Mount Mansfield and drove across to Johnson. We happened on the Powerhouse Bridge. The bridge gets its name from the hydroelectric plant that used to operate just upriver.

Powerhouse Bridge, Johnson, VT 7-5-2010 2-02-45 PM Powerhouse Bridge, Johnson, VT 7-5-2010 2-10-40 PM

Of course, if I can find a way down to the river, I’ll take it. In this case, there was a red building just upstream from the bridge.

Powerhouse Bridge, Johnson, VT 7-5-2010 2-06-53 PM Powerhouse Bridge, Johnson, VT 7-5-2010 2-08-24 PM

This was in the middle of our heat wave and I swear that it was about 75 F down at the Gihon River water level. Ah, sweet coolness!

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Arija said...

That takes me back 40 years when we lived in Vt. I have always loved the covered bridges. We loved to picnic by an old disused one with a wild apple tree growing by the water. The apples were perfect for jelly.

Beautiful nostalgic shots Steve.

Birgitta "foto CHIP" said...

It looks like the red building wants to join the water :)


J Bar said...

Great shots.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

eileeninmd said...

Great shots, love the old red building. It is nice on a hot day to be by the cooler water.

Wildlife Photography by Uwe Skrzypczak said...

Great shots ... thanks.

HOOTIN' ANNI said...

First of all, I love covered bridges...and 2ndly...beautiful countryside. These photos remind me of The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!!

My Wednesday Post: INCOMING!!

Martha Z said...

Beautiful, picturesque country. Sometimes I wish my ancestors had stayed in New England rather than joining the westward migration to California. But then, I wouldn't be me.

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