Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Sydney, NS

IMG_0008 After leaving Halifax, we sailed the night up to Sydney, Nova Scotia.  A small port, Sydney is trying to redefine herself as the industrial heritage wanes.  Sydney is a bit of a diamond in the rough with its sleepy town feeling and very small downtown.  But we understand that the music scene is vibrant. 

The weather could not have been better, with temperatures in the low 70s F. Here is an example of the pluses and minuses of cruising.  You get to find a place like Sydney that you may not think of visiting, but the boat docks at 7:00 AM and pulls departs at 5 PM. That is not enough time to get to know her people and places.

As we sailed into Sydney Harbor, we could get a sense of the beauty of the north shore of Nova Scotia with the green rolling hills and blue waters. The  harbor is very scenic and shows signs of being an important deep water port.


We sailed by the Canadian Coast Guard College and were greeted by the CCGS Matthew, a hydrographic research vessel based in Ottawa.


At the cruise port where we docked, there was the world’s largest fiddle.  And as is common in Nova Scotia, a piper to greet us.  Sydney was a major stopping point for our trip because…well, you’ll just have to see tomorrow.

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Eve said...

Thanks for taking us along with you both Steve. It's wonderful seeing places like this I may never go in my lifetime.

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