Monday, June 28, 2010

Navigating in Charlottetown Harbor

©2010 ShootingMyUniverse ©2010 ShootingMyUniverse Charlottetown PEI has a very beautiful harbor and it is a deep water port, meaning that it can accommodate big shops. Remember back in Halifax, I said I would tell you about range towers?  I have a couple of examples here showing what they area and how they are used.

In the photo to the left are range towers.  You see that there are two.  The idea is that if you are navigating a ship through a harbor, you would like up the two lights on the towers. That puts you on the course for the direction that you are navigating. Bellow is a lighthouse. ©2010 ShootingMyUniverse

This is a lighthouse at the entrance of the harbor. As I posted yesterday, it was a beautiful day in Charlottetown. It was such a beautiful city with lots to see and people to meet. Unfortunately, we had to leave a couple of hours early so that we could get under the Confederation Bridge before the tide was too high. But that is another story for tomorrow.  ©2010 ShootingMyUniverse


Kelly said...

...interesting...and beautiful too! The concept makes perfect sense.

Eve said...

Beautiful! See you tomorrow!

Stacey Dawn said...

Heavenly views - especially that first one! Wowee!

Mike Simmons said...

Very nice, Steve - thank you!

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