Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Lunenburg, NS

We were delighted that our cruise had the option to take an excursion over to Lunenburg, NS from Halifax.  Lunenburg and Gloucester, MA are tied together in history. Both are fishing towns with a rich tradition and heritage bound by the brotherhood of the sea.

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Lunenburg is the home port of the Bluenose II, built from the plans of the original Bluenose, the famous schooner featured on the back of the Canadian dime.  Yes, next time you get a Canadian dime, turn it over. That’s the Bluenose.

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You see, as the story goes, Lunenburg and Gloucester used to get together and have schooner races which the Gloucestermen always seemed to win. Having decided that winning would be a lot more interesting than losing, the Canadians decided to take fate into their own hands.  They hired a naval architect to design and build a monster schooner.  They sent it out to the Grand Banks to fish for a year, just so they could say that it was a real schooner worthy of competing, and then sent it down to Gloucester where it mopped up the competition.  The Bluenose retired undefeated.  The Canadians, having confirmed that winning was indeed much more fun than losing decided that the boat should be commemorated by putting on dimes and postage stamps.

Today, the Bluenose II is a very welcome visitor every year at our schooner festival, held every Labor Day weekend here in Glah-sta. (By the way, you are invited to come too, you don’t need a schooner, but you will need a hotel room.)

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Lunenburg is also home of the Canadian Dory Racing Association. Every year, Gloucester and Lunenburg get together and race dories.  You can learn more by clicking the link on the right or clicking the Dory tag below.

Lunenburg has a rich architectural history.  Its buildings have influences from England and Germany.   

The Lunenburg Academy. ©2010 ShootingMyUniverse©2010 ShootingMyUniverse ©2010 ShootingMyUniverse©2010 ShootingMyUniverse

So as you can see, with cod weather vanes, funky little shops, schooners and dories, Lunenburg and Gloucester have a lot in common.  Just like Gloucester, there is a thriving tourist trade tied into its fishing tradition.  There seemed to be plenty of restaurants, shops, galleries and a working waterfront.

And of course, there are lobsters and haddock! We had lunch at the Rum Runner. Becky had the fish and chips and I had haddock with some Alexander Keith’s IPA while behind me was a man from the Baltics enjoying his very first Atlantic lobster.©2010 ShootingMyUniverse

We only had a few hours in Lunenburg before we had to drive back to Halifax to catch our ship to sail off to our next port of call.  Too bad, I would have like to have more time to spend here.


hip chick said...

I remember the Dory's in Lunenburg. Did you get to see Mahone Bay? it's such a sweet little town. I never knew that about the Bluenose. Or even that there were races in Gloucester. Funny, since I grew up in Marblehead. But, of course traveling from Marblehead to Gloucester is like going from one end of the world to the other in the summer time. I hope the next port is as nice as Lunenburg.

Cindy said...

What gorgeous shots. Lunenburg sure does look like Gloucester and what a cool connection. Oh, and the food looks Oh so yummy!

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

Beautiful shots of the town Steve but I love that schooner. Beer? It should have been wine. :)

Arija said...

It looks like a great place not just to spend a few hour in, but a whole lifetime. The houses are in tip top condition, as though everything were freshly restored and everything is so clean.

Delicious meals too. You certainly are having an enviable trip.

Stacey Dawn said...

Wow - lovely!
Food looks so good, too!

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

Stunning, colorful, lively and my kind of place. I want to live there. Thanks for taking us along.

Frank said...

Great shots Steve I can't wait to go back now

A New England Life said...

I can tell you and Becky felt right at home. Such a wonderful town and such similarities to Gloucester. I wonder if someone there has a blog like yours?

Eve said...

Wow great history between places Steve! I LOVE the colors of the buildings. What a place!
Now I'm hungry for healthy food and beer!

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