Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Leaving Boston

We made our way to our stateroom on the ship and got settled in.  We oriented ourselves and found a few moments to take some snaps.  As I mentioned yesterday, we took a vacation to get away from it all.


There was a flurry of activity on the docks loading tons of food and supplies to ensure that we stayed happy campers.


As we pulled out, there was a small number of people that stopped by to see us off.  Here is a picture of a man taking a picture of a man taking a picture.


Unfortunately, there was a great deal of haze so I wasn’t able to get good shots of the Boston skyline.  Becky and Steve in Boston 6-5-2010 3-46-11 PM

The harbor master followed us out. Part of his job was to retrieve the pilot once we were out in open sea.  You see, when a big ship enters or leaves a port, a pilot climbs on board and takes over the navigation the ship in the local waters.

Harbor Master, Boston 6-5-2010 4-16-06 PM

Our police escort waves to the passengers before he heads back.

  State Police boat, Boston 6-5-2010 4-09-25 PM 

About an hour out, we ran into an old friend!  Usually we see the Independence in our front yard.


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mARTy said...

nice waterpics!

Chris said...

Beautiful holidays pictures Steve. i hope you enjoyed despite the weathear ;-)

Quilt Works said...

Always enjoy your images - fresh view of the familiar places! I live in northern Mass as well :)

Poetic Shutterbug said...

Great shots. The boat in action is amazing.

Arija said...

We had lobster just yesterday. Unfortunately it is the end of our season. Have an absolutely glorious trip and say halo to Montreal for me. Quebec city is a great sight from the water.

2sweetnsaxy said...

Nice shots. Man, I would love to go on another cruise. They're so... relaxing. :-)

Jane said...

Really nice series of shots, Steve thanks for sharing them:)

A New England Life said...

Nothing like an old friend to make you feel right at home.

Did you say what Cruise boat you went on? There's so much to see in New England, I think you could do something different every single day!

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