Saturday, June 5, 2010

Female Red-winged Blackbird

Have you ever stopped and looked at a female Red-winged Balckbird?

Red-winged Blackbird, female 5-29-2010 10-24-09 AMRed-winged Blackbird, female 5-29-2010 10-24-44 AMRed-winged Blackbird, female 5-29-2010 10-12-18 AM


The Early Birder said...

Never had the chance until now!
Much more striking features than our female Common Blackbird. FAB.

Anonymous said...

Superb clarity and brilliant "Bokeh" on the first two Steve. What a smart bird.

A New England Life said...

Funny but I just photographed one for the first time yesterday afternoon. Before that I'd never seen on up close. Your photos are a bit more detailed then mine though.

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