Friday, May 21, 2010

Forgotten Photo Friday, Uhm, you’re in my shot.

Okay, now someone has to know something about this.  As I posted back in October, I was shooting the Scott Covered Bridge in Townshend, VT when I stumbled across this crew filming a documentary.  I gave one of them my card and he said that he would email me the link to the film’s website.  I’ll be darned if I was let down!

Scott Bridge, Townshend 9-25-2009 4-46-31 PM

So, anyone out there have any information about a film being shot in Southern Vermont in October of 2009?  The mystery is just too much!

Be sure to check out the October covered bridge post.


Rusty said...

I'm not at all sure about this - but I do seem to recall something about PBS doing a documentary on historic covered bridges. You might check with their website.

2sweetnsaxy said...

That's pretty cool. It's always interesting to see them filming and here in L.A. they're ALWAYS filming somewhere, messing up parking or street access. LOL! But it's fun to be watching a commercial and remember when you saw them filming.

Thanks for you comment about the anonymous commenter. It was really appreciate. :-)

A New England Life said...

I tried doing some research last night but couldn't come up with anything.

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