Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Tick

I grew up in the woods of Vermont.  As a kid, we never worried about ticks.  We were in the cow fields, the woods and hay fields.  I never had a tick on me.   In Colorado, we had to be careful of ticks because of Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick Fever.  I found one or two in the 16 years that I lived there..

In Tennessee, I actually had two latch onto me in the 12 months that I lived there.  Here in Massachusetts, we have ticks.  I’ve flicked off four so far this spring.

Tick 4-11-2010 12-55-01 PMTick 4-11-2010 1-02-20 PM

This one was a frisky little guy.  I actually had a difficult time shooting it as I contorted around as it crawled around my leg.


EG Wow said...

Yes, I grew up on the South Shore of Boston and we had ticks way back then for sure. I have always assumed everyone had them so I'm surprised they were scarce in Vermont. But, come to think of it, I rarely see or hear of them here in Ontario.

Kathy said...

I think our wet winter and early spring has definitely had an effect on the insect population. I grew up near the Gulf Coast and these buggers are rampant. Now that I live int the desert I rarely see them.

The Giraffe Head Tree said...

I hate ticks. Hate them. "hate" too strong a word? Hm...well, I HATE them!

Mojo said...

Of all of nature's creatures, these guys creep me out the worst. I can deal with snakes, spiders, lizards, any kind of slithery crawling beastie. But these guys drop out of nowhere and you never know they're there until they've sunk into you. Filthy beggars.

I'm with Giraffe Head. Hate them!

(BTW, we get plenty of them here in NC. How TN dodged the bullet I have no idea. But I always have to keep an eye on my dog, even with religious application of Frontline Plus once a month.)

Eve said...

Yes hate is the word. This looks like a dog tick Steve. For most of the years I lived in northern NY near Lake Ontario I never saw a tick, even though I always had dogs. The last 8 years that I lived there ticks became more and more common and then the Deer Tick arrived. How did I find out, my Elkhound was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. More and more people are getting this disease because they don't catch it in time. At least I was prepared for ticks when I moved to Alabama. There are many more kinds here. It's a battle, I found at least 150 tiny little ticks no bigger than a pin head on Daisy Lu...all dead because of her tick meds. I've had a number of them on me as well. It's hard to keep a gardener and nature lover out of the woods and garden. It truly becomes a chore. Knowledge is the key.
Look what you started Steve!!! A novel by me! Be careful out there, learn about ticks. Lyme disease is a very devastating illness.

Jay Albert said...

Talk about timing....I just got back walking the dog through the woods behind my house and ticks everywhere! I just got done checking her and found 11 ticks and 4 on me! I got a feeling with all the rain we've had it's gonna be a bad "skeeter" season too!

Johnny Nutcase said...

ew ew ew. i have big issues with ticks. but they seem to adore me. Each season in the field, we have a 'tick count' and i always like 20-30 ticks. It's not really fair. I've had 3 this spring already...I could go on forever about the fear i had as a young child about lyme disease (i actually got eh vaccine in the late 90's's not nonexistent because it sucked)...Have you heard or relapse fever? Roughly 23 people in the US get it each year - last year, i knew 2 of them. And was exposed to it twice .Gross. Okay, i'll end this rant ...Ticks are not my friend, why'd you have to post this ? Ha! :)

Chris Petrak said...

The hazards of being in nature - I hate them, but know they're going to get me - crisp photos

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