Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shanghai Old Street

On my business trip to Shanghai, we did have one play day. We took a trip to an old section of town that was set up with shops.

Looking on my Shanghai map, I was able to determine that it is called Shanghai Old Street. The only way I was able to determine this is that it is across from the Yu Fashion Garden which was clearly marked on the map. The Yu Fashion Garden's logo is the multicolored fan motif seen on the right of the photo. If it wasn't for that, I'd have no clue as to where it was located on my map.

Ancient China meets Modern China

Starbucks but no Dunkin Doughnuts

The Old District is a very popular destination for Easterners as well as Westerners

Set out over the water, this building holds a few small shops.

A detail of one of the roof features.

I'm still jet-lagged. It is 2:33 AM EST, 2:33 PM Shanghai. My body wants to be up and about. Hopefully I can get back on EST this weekend. Stay tunes, soon I will take you inside the old market.

Scenic Sunday


Jenny said...

WOW Steve. What an experience! Interesting to see the old and new China side by side. Can't wait for your post on the old market!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting images Steve.
Perhaps a glass of wine or three may assist with the jet lag.

A New England Life said...

Great shots! Did you use the small pocket camera you were talking about a while ago?

Judging by what everyone was wearing it appears as though it was rather chilly and grey. Interesting place. I definitely would have had a Starbucks ; )

Steve Borichevsky said...

Hi Sharon, yes, I was packing the point-and-shoot. The shooting was difficult because of the thin fog that day, so I think the camera did well. It was about 60F.

Good thinking, Roy! I'll give it a go tonight.

Yes, Jenny, it was a very interesting experience. This was my first trip to Asia.

kbguy said...

aha ! I have been to this place. It's lovely. And I also like your blog template with big photo format. How did u do it ?

cat said...

Thank you for that lovely tour around Shanghai. Great photos and very interesting to look at:)

Chris said...

Wow you did used the day quite... Awesome to be able to visit such a place and beautiful pictures! I guess you enjoyed the trip!

chubskulit said...

A beautiful place!

My first Scenic Sunday, happy weekend!

Joyful said...

Beautiful! I love the ancient buildings. They are so pretty. I didn't know blogger was bloced in China but I just heard on the news last night that Google is now out of China. Drop by my blog and have a look at the Vancouver scenes after you've recovered from jet lag.

Johnny Nutcase said...

Shanghai! Soooo many people, yikes (i'm petrified of big cities, even medium sized cities, ha!). I went to China (most of the big eastern cities, including Shanghai) when I was 15, but i remember it really well. Despite the city atmosphere(ha!) these photos are pretty cool. I really like that first one. And i do love the architecture, visually pleasing, definitely! Sorry about the jetlag - that is a LONG freaking trip! hang in there!

Eve said...

Great images Steve!

Jane said...

Some great shots, Steve. It sounds like you had some fun taking photographs, thanks for sharing:)

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