Saturday, February 6, 2010

Checking out the Cape Ann Birding Weekend

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This Ring-billed Gull seems to be wondering what the fuss is all about. Why, it's the Cape Ann Winter Birding Weekend!

It is brisk and overcast with flurries today. Not a bad day to be birding from shore. Today is the second day of the Cape Ann Birding weekend. We have people from Chicago, Rhode Island, Saratoga NY and many more places. There are birders of all levels. (Sorry to my Friend from Saratoga, the video interview just didn't work, bad lighting.) I bumped into friend Chris from Picus Blog.

This morning, groups of around 20 started to go to different locations. Here we are at State Fish Pier looking for gulls.

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The groups all have an expert guide leading the tour. There are birders of all levels, from beginners to experts.

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Here is a Red-Throated Loon that was swimming up the channel and gave us nice views.

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And a first year Iceland Gull.
©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

With a second year Iceland Gull.
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While at State Fish Pier, I bumped into Allen and that Curious Birder Kim who were leading a group from Central Mass.

Tomorrow is the Pelagic trip. 75 of us are going out to look for sea birds. I'm looking for better shots of a couple of birds and a two or three life birds. (Be sure to check out the post script*) Dress warm! It's going to be Witch-tit Cold!

Note the difference on this This Common Loon and the Red-Throated above. The big difference to look for is the neck line and the bill shape. Note that the Red-throated has a slender, slightly upturned bill.
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Common Loon

Check out
Cape Ann Birding Weekend!

Friday-Sunday, February 5-7, 2010

Visit Cape Ann Birding Weekend.

Organizer Judy Caulkette talks about the Cape Ann Birding Weekend events on Good Morning Gloucester. There is something for everyone!

Steve B talks about Birding Cape Ann on GoodMorningGloucester.Org!

*Post Script
Right after I published this post, I went into the kitchen and looked over the Gloucester Harbor and what did I see? One of the birds that I planned to add to my life list tomorrow! No kidding! Right in my front yard between the Tarr and Wonson paint factory and green channel marker #11. I'm rather surprised to present to you, direct from Gloucester Harbor, the Razorbill.

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eileeninmd said...

Sounds like a great time with great bird sightings i'm sure. Awesome shot of the Common Loon.

Chris said...

Excellent birding time Steve! I guess you enjoyed it very well!!! You got nice observation too!

Perry said...

Great birds! Like the look of the first gull. Here is my entry.

Jenn Jilks said...

Great critters, imagine, open water! We're so frozen in My Muskoka !

kate said...

So glad you saw a razorbill! And in Gloucester! I spent three summers helping out Project Puffin and I was so lucky to have banded razorbill chicks, they are by far one of my favorite birds! congrats!!

Hootin' Anni said...

Very professional style of photography!!!!!

Here is my C hope you can stop by sometime today.

Jane said...

Some beautiful shots as always and I like the shots of the Razorbill too. Thanks for sharing:)

Anonymous said...

I have never seen a razor bill before either...The power of magnetic attraction and intention is strong these days. Sometimes I will think of a certain type of bird outdoors too, and suddenly the bird comes to me as if to pay a visit.

Life is but a dream...

Glad everyone had a great birding weekend Steve!

rinzo said...

Great Entry! God Bless!

Lisa said...

Wonderful photos, truly!

Anonymous said...

Hope the weather gets better for your weekend of birding Steve.

Müge said...

Fascinating photo of the Common Loon! I would very much like to participate to a birdwatch activity like yours in Cape Ann. Have a delightful Sunday!

KaHolly said...

Looks as though a great time was had by all!!! Congrats on your razorbill! Hope you have a big year. ~karen

Steve Borichevsky said...

Thanks all. Earlier in morning when someone mentioned to me that the wind was blowing cold, I made a mention that it's blowing off of the ocean and that's when you see the good stuff.

dAwN said...

congrats, so cool u saw it out your window

ksdoolittle said...

Wonderful photo essay of your day. I am especially fond of photos of geeky birders! The photo of the ring-billed gull is fabulous. He's looking right at you! Congratulations on the razorbill. Great shots of this lifer. Hope you have a good year. ~ks

Nishant said...

I guess you enjoyed it very well!!! You got nice observation too!

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