Saturday, February 6, 2010

Bird Yoga

I don't shoot Mallards very often but how could one pass up an opportunity to shoot some bird yoga?

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eileeninmd said...

It is important to stretch. Great capture Steve!

A New England Life said...

This reminds me of a Swan photo I have. I guess they all need to stretch those legs now and then!

Did you see my most recent post on Mallards? They weren't going to let me get to close though. Maybe if I'd sat a while they would have become more used to me being there.

Chris Petrak said...

Mallards are beautiful, even though they are common - so many overlook them - glad you didn't - and nice shots. re your gulls with shrimp - they're sort of red. does that mean they're cooked? If so, then they're doing their job - cleaning up after us! Nice shots!

Roy said...

You would probably do the same Steve, if you had to stand on ice in your bare feet. {:)

Steve Borichevsky said...

LOL Roy, That one hen has her butt in the icy cold puddle too!

Thas seems to be the mystery, Chris, they do look cooked. For "native" Gulf of Maine shrimp, we pull the heads and discard. I'm wondering if they got into some of the local fish processing plant's precooked, peel and eat discards. However, some locals will feed them to the birds. In any event, I discourage feeding gulls. It teaches them bad habits.

Yes, Sheron, that is one flock of ducks! You also have to remember, I'm shooting with 300mm. (I still would like to have an extra 300!)

Yes Eilene, Good point!

Natural Moments said...

I love these kind of photos showing some of the unique behaviours that the birds naturally exhibit.

By stretching the body and the mind, we certainly release tension, allowing us to see things we never took notice of before.

dAwN said...

hee hee..Perfect!

Nishant said...

I guess they all need to stretch those legs now and then!

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