Saturday, September 5, 2009

Schooner American Eagle

At 1:30, the American Eagle came into Gloucester Harbor.

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

I’m deviating from my normal post-a-day mode. I’m just a few minutes walk from all the action and some of it is right in my front yard, so I can post throughout the day without missing a beat.


A New England Life said...

It's up-to-the-minute real-time posting in Gloucester. Pretty cool! I like it!

Chris said...

Superb! I love this kind of boat, they are so beautiful.. Iðd like to sail one like this!

The Early Birder said...

You said it was time to 'play' this weekend and now I can see why.
Excellent up to date posting Steve.

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