Sunday, September 6, 2009

Before the Parade of Sails

Courtesy of Paul Frontiero

As I stated in yesterday’s video, I went out with David Cox, Tyler and Jimmy T to shoot the Parade of Sails in Gloucester. I put together a short video of stills. Sharon Lowe, Mike Lindberg of Good Morning Gloucester and Jay Albert of Cape Ann Images have been posting their shots. It is fun to see how we all saw the event differently. Sharon was on the Gateway Endeavor, the boat with the water cannons. Jay and Mike were on their own boats.

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

I’ve been working on the Jimmy T video and this post today. Monday I’ll start putting up shots from the actual parade. I hope you enjoy this video of informal shots.

Thanks Paul of Cape Ann Painter for the photo.


Frank said...

Steve you always manage to out do yourself. As always excellent work not to mention it looked like a lot of fun

A New England Life said...

Nice video Steve. Seeing everyone enjoying themselves so much, I couldn't help but smile. And it was good to see Jay!

Jay Albert said...

Nice Steve! I got you in the dory but the light was wrong as was my settings...bummer! That's the 1st photo of my boat underway that I've seen! It's nice to get that perspective from a dory,close & personal. I gotta get me one of them someday!

FAB said...

Hi Steve. I think you have surpassed yourself with this series of posts. I had to play the video twice so that Anita could see what fun you had. As Jay said the perspective from the dory was exceptional. Very well done. FAB

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