Friday, September 4, 2009

Aboard the Peacemaker

Today I had the opportunity to visit the barquentine Peacemaker and talk with some of the people on board.

My eye was caught by the some bowls that were on display and I was pleased to learn that they were for sale. The Peacemaker has a potter and a kiln right on board. I brought one of these pieces home for B for a present.

Just some random shots of the rigging.

I have done a great deal of posting today, be sure to see my earlier posts.

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N1TOX said...

Is there any parking? Love the Tall Ship shots and hope B likes her Present.. Happy IX (past). Hey, wonderful shots as always!! You have an eye to capture the best, but as all of us shuterbugs know, there are clippings on the floor, but that is the hobby we all love to capture... Cheers!!

Arija said...

Beautiful stoneware and beaming face of the artisan at his craft. Your rigging shot agaist the sun has great charm.

Carol said...

Wow, you have alot of good shots here today...I love all the upward views of the rigging, esp the backlit one with flags...the pottery shots are interesting've captured the joy in her face...and I'm glad to see the finished product...also love the waves crashing on the rocks...I think I can hear them...

Michele said...

Ahh, to be so talented as that to achieve such beautiful pottery would be a blessing! I'd be ecstatic to receive a piece! Beautiful post!

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