Sunday, July 5, 2009

Cabbage White Butterflies

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

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Anonymous said...

Really nice images Steve. We have these Large Whites over here. The purple flower makes a great contrast to the white and green. Thanks for posting.

Kerri said...

Oh these are GREAT Steve!! I LOVE butterflies!! Almost as much as I love lighthouses :)
I need to catch up on a LOT of your posts but have to leave shortly.
I'll catch up with them later today/tomorrow.
Happy Sunday!

Richard said...

Great pictures Steve. Is there anything that you can't take a picture of and not make it look good???

How about a bat in

Chris said...

Great butterfly pictures Steve. I guess it was pretty hard to get a good contrast with such white butterflies!

Kelly said...

...they look so lovely against the purple blossoms and the deep green background.

Steve B said...

Hi Roy, These are found all the United States and are one of our most ubiquitous species.

Hi Kerri, I'm glad to see you stopped by!

LOL Richard, A bat in FLIGHT! Yes, I could do that, but that would take some extra gear and some collaboration with an electrical engineer.

Hi Chris, It was a cloudy, drizzly day. I think ig the sun were out, I would have had a hard time with the whites getting blown out.

I know Kelly! I just couldn't resist taking a shot or five.

Wilma said...

These guys are all over the place and in Georgia we called them cabbage loopers. Good job on the pics, they don't sit still for long and that white is a challenge for a light meter.

For great shots of bats in flight visit and click on his flicker shots at the bottom of the page. He sets out bananas as bait and uses a strobe light. He also does this with hummingbirds. His photos are gorgeous studio-type portraits of bats and birds.

Anonymous said...

Butterflies are so much fun to photograph, half the fun is in the stalking (well, more of a mad dash through the undergrowth in my case). Such beautiful pictures - I like the contrast between the two colours of flowers, and the shapes of the butterflies.

Chris Petrak said...

Love the butterflies - and Eastern Point LH - it looks so different from when i usually see it - in winter - where's the snow & ice?

dAwN said...

Beautiful Photos! Wow!

Randy Emmitt said...

Cabbage Whites not the easiest butterfly to shoot, especially being white. Great job I really enjoyed these photos.

Eve said...

Wonderful photos Steve! I hope that soggy weather doesn't keep all the butterflies away!

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