Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Greasy Pole

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

Long time followers have seen some random shots of the greasy pole off Pavilion Beach in Gloucester. Perhaps they may not have grasped the full significance of the edifice. I present to you some random shots of yesterday’s courtesy round of the greasy pole. In this round, grabbing the flag is not permitted. It is unlikely that it would happen because the grease is pretty thick, however, one walker looked like he could have done it.

Submitted for your approval, The Greasy Pole.

If you think in abstract shapes, you will see that in the cover of yesterday’s Women’s Seine Boat Races slide show is a pole walker headed for the drink.

Bona Fiesta!


Richard said...

Great slide shot. Oh the things we do for fun.

Anonymous said...

Just as I thought Steve, they are completely mad.
Thanks for covering the event. {:)

Chris said...

Excellent post and nice slide show Steve....
Funny to see what we need to get the adrenaline up :-)

Eve said...

I've noticed the women are much too smart to attempt this one Steve!! These are so great!

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