Monday, April 20, 2009

Shooting with Steve B, %&*@#%!!!!

When I was a power-birder, in my late twenties, I was birding with friends in the California desert. I had a Verdin hop to the top of a small tree and start to call. Well, being a photographer with excited birders wanting to show you the latest and greated find can split your attention. My wife called over. My friends spotted something and it split my attention just long enough to lose the shot. That was my one an only opportunity ever I had to shoot a Verdin. Gone. Poof. Kaput.

So on out trip to Palm Springs, I thought, wouldn’t it be great if I fulfilled a long desire to photograph a Verdin and put that bad memory to rest? Yeah. Well, Verdins are like Chickadees. They just don’t stand still.

Hey, there's one!

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

Kind of far, but let’s just get that first shot and better ones will come. Damn, he twitched! Hey, is that Costa's actually laughing at me?

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

There's another one!

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

Oh, sure, just hop in the middle of the bush.

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

That's the way it went. I'd see one, line up the shot and then he'd hide his face behind a branch or strike a pose as if he were auditioning for next year's April Fool's post.

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

After a couple of days of this, you don't want to know what I was about to say here. Let's just change the subject.

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

Hey, Lesser Goldfinch, now there is a cooperative subject!

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

LOL!! I can just hear those words coming over the Internet Steve!! SO frustrating. Change to bugs, they are MUCH more co-operative. :)


LOL! You really know how I feel when I try to shoot some birds! You could have written this about me!

You made my day Steve! There IS hope for me! And I had a good laugh! :))))

Tabib said...

Ha, ha!, There your tired face and eyes - need an eye drops?! ;)

Dale Forbes said...

but if you change to bugs then you have to look at bugs all day. [and don't believe Joan, she is biassed ;-)]
how about trees. they dont fly away and if the light isn't good, you can always wait until later when the light is better.

and you get to hug trees

http://alpinebirds.blogspot.comp.s. Joan, if I could figure out how to make an html emoticon with a smiling poked out tongue I would also insert that. oh, and I have some great bug pics on my flickr account, just for you!

Kelly said... made me laugh. Perfect!

T and S said...

Steve : You could have as well titled this as 'the challenges of bird photography". Nice series.

Eve said...

Bummer dude!!!! Someday, hopefully!

Chris said...

yeh I think everybody can hear those words... And I agree with T and S, you could have called that like this!!! Excellent!

Steve B said...

Bugs? Bugs? LOL Joan, the reason you don't see many bugs on this blog is because they are less cooperative than birds? No, I'm afraid that the die is cast.

Fear not Valkyrien, this spring and summer you will get lots of practice.

LOL Tabib!

I've done a couple of trees Dale, I cold do rocks too. At least they don't swing in the breeze. Joan is the Queen of bug pictures. I want to know how she gets all of her dragon flies to stand still!

Kelly, stay tuned! We'll see who out smarts who in this little battle of wits.

T and S, if it were easy, it wouldn't be fun. It's like golfing, you can never have a perfect round and you can always do better. But I think if people really knew how frustrating it can be, there would be fewer golfers and more bird photographers. I just don't throw my camera into the water hazard.

Hey Dudette, let's just see who has the final say in this man verses bird story!

Hi Chris, I'll bet you that you've been there too!

Jenny said...

Oh, this makes me feel soooooooo much better. (-: Pleeeeeese don't take this the wrong way,'re usually way toooooo perfect with your photos! Thank you Stevie! (-:

Steve B said...

LOL Jenny Wren! Sometimes I get the idea that folks think I just walk up, snap and publish. With my short lenses, I have to work a bit harder than those with 600mm f2 lenses. But its what I do for fun.

Anonymous said...

There is always one Steve, but you got a great Lesser Goldfinch.

N1TOX said...

LOL Bro... Ya need a faster camera? HA HA!!! Ya'll can use the D90 anytime.. But seriously, It's always funny how things pose for that perfect picture "just" until you are ready to press the magic button, the poof, gonzo.... Better luck next time...

Steve B said...

Hi Roy, I got so much material on that trip, I ~still~ have some rabbits to pull out of the hat!

Hey N1TOX, Stay tuned, just stay tuned.

Mary said...

Aww jeez, Steve, don't burst my bubble. Here I am thinking that you are some super photographer, always getting the most difficult shot... ;)

This is why I shoot flowers and landscapes. :)

Cindy said...

Steve, this is funny. I had the same problem with a little red squirrel at Halibut Point. He seemed to pose for a minute but just when i was ready he'd move. He'd get closer then run back or up a branch. It was like he was saying, "come on lady take your best shot! Geeze didn't you get me yet?" Oh well, it's fun trying. There were some eiders and harlequin ducks around on Monday. Oh I remember what I was going to say, ice is out on some of the Maine lakes... loons are heading north.

Marites said...

LOL! I can see you saying *#$@! :) but i just love your pics here..they are beautiful!

A New England Life said...

Ha haa! Looks like B caught you in a frustrated moment. You are diligent though Steve. No surprise with the above posting that you caught the bird you were longing for. And 3 days at that!

Btw, do you always keep your left eye open when your shooting?

Steve B said...

Hi Mary, I don't like getting up before sunrise, so landscapes ain't my bag. And your flowers put mine to shame.

Hi Cindy, I get the same 'tude from squirrels and chipmunks.

Hi Maritas, Glad you find joy in my pictures. It makes it all worth while.

Sharon, If you saw most of my photos, you'd think I had my right eye closed! Those hit the trash bucket unless I'm having fun like today.

But no, I close my left eye. I'm just acquiring my target in this photo.

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