Saturday, April 25, 2009

Garter Snake and a Turtle

I came across this little fellow walking along the Ipswich River. There are lots of turtles in the river. This youngster was sunning himself on the bank.
©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

It is uncommon for me to see snakes, alway looking in the trees for birds, but I did spy this garter snake on a walk in the woods on Thursday.

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

Friday, I spotted this one hunting in the marsh along the Hellcat Boardwalk on Plum Island.
©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

For those coming in from a direct feed link, be sure to see today's Common Eiders posted earlier!


Ginnymo said...

How cool these photos are!! I love turtles. And snakes are neat to look at. Great close up shots of them. Beautiful photos!!

madcobug said...

Very good pictures. The last photo of the snake, I believe it was caught on some kind of fishing lure. Helen

Chris said...

Gosh, these are nice and different pictures! How can you take picture of snake, I'm so afraid of them, I even hate them. But you did it well these shots are great.

SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

I love the snake Steve but the turtle is cute too. :)

Kelly said...

...the turtle looks like a tiny little baby! So cute! Like the snake photos. I always love coming across a snake. There is always that element of surprise and then awe.

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