Monday, March 16, 2009


We have quite a few scoters in Gloucester Harbor this time of year. They are almost close enough to photograph with my 70-300mm.

Male White-winged Scoter
©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

Female Surf Scoter resting on a boulder with sea weed.
©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

Male White-winged Scoter
©2009 ShootingMyUniverse

Three males and a female Surf Scoter
©2009 ShootingMyUniverse


A New England Life said...

I've never seen a Scooter before. What a cute little funky blue eyed bird!

Doesn't she look perfect on her seaweed perch : )

Eve said...

They are very interesting. You have some real fun birds out there Steve.

madcobug said...

Great pictures. There are some kind of large black ducks that come to the waters here. They come in colder weather I believe. We used to see them when we fished from our boat. Helen

John Theberge said...

Great photos, they really show off the interesting head shape of these birds.

Jenny said...

Oh insane jealousy going on here! I usually only get to see any Scoters miles out to sea. Surf Scoter is a rarity here. Beautiful shots, particularly the female on seaweed, a keeper that one!

Kerri said...

What a beautiful creature!!

Steve B said...

Hi Sharon and John, they look like they have industrial strength bills.

Hi Eve, yah, scooters are pretty low key, real mellow.

Hi Helen, there is another scoter, the Black Scoter that I don't have just yet.

Now Jenny! You have Gold Finches, Robins, Fieldfairs, Coal Tits, Long-tailed Tits, Chaffinch...

Hi Kerri, They are rather interesting. I really like having them around.

Kelly said...

...very interesting looking birds! I like them!

Anonymous said...

Great images Steve. Those Scooters are never going to win any beauty contest are they.

Mary said...

I know absolutely nothing about ducks, so it's always fun to come here and learn a little something... great shots!

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