Friday, January 9, 2009

Forgotten Photo Friday, California Sea Lions

When we went out to Monterey, I desperately wanted to visit the wharf by the Coast Guard Station and shoot some California Sea Lions for you. We went out there in October of 2007 when I shot this with a PHD (Push Here Dummy) camera. When we arrived on the scene this trip, the jetty was locked off. My heart sank.

But as luck would have it, I would not go home empty handed, we did have this one sea lion swim by the public boat ramp for a good back scratchin’. This is the one you see in my video rolling and rubbing his back, going “Oh, yah, right there…oooo-aaaah”.

Then as seen in the video, it sat right up, posed for a couple of pictures and then went back into the water and swam away.


Eve said...

I thought that seal was acting so funny, but I wasn't sure what he was doing. I so totally got that photo tho and knew he was posing for you! Did you pay him Steve...did you have a fish in your pocket!!!
That first shot is just fantastic also.

Mary said...

Ha! they are such engaging creatures, aren't they? terrific shots. :)

Steve B said...

LOL Eve, Not only that, I had to get a photo release contract sighned by his agent. (The things I do for my peeps!)

Yes, Mary, they are beautiful creatures.

matthew houskeeper said...

Great photos!
This summer, I sailed out to Chatham, and the seals were all around the boat in Stage Harbor. Since then, I have tried to become much more aware of the differences between sea lions and seals.

Steve B said...

The first field mark I look for is the ear. Seals do not have external ears. Second, Sea Lions can manipulate their hind flippers forward allowing them to "walk" on land. Seals cannot. Additionally, we do not have Sea Lions on the East Coast.

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