Sunday, September 7, 2008

New friends made along the way.

I’m way behind on my postings, or maybe I’m too far ahead on my photography. This is a posting I wanted to do last weekend but the Schooner Festival kept me hopping and editing photos.

Having a blog or two opens the doors to meet new people that you normally wouldn’t. I want to introduce you to an artist I met down at the Maritime Heritage Center in Gloucester. Martha Everson is a photographer from Salem. When I walked by her display, I was stopped in my tracks. Martha was showing her Coastal Art Blocks. Naturally, I had to chat with her.

Martha is a warm and friendly gal who I understand walks around with a digital camera and shoots her universe. Looking at her Coastal Art Blocks, she really captures the mood. Check out She has great depth as a photographer. She works in the Wedding, Pregnancy, Family, Landscape and Still Life genera.

Next I spied Liz Grammas spinning yarn. Liz was gracious enough to let me take a couple of snap shots. I grabbed her business card however there isn’t a website posted. Sit tight, I’ll see if I can do an on-line interview.

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