Monday, September 1, 2008

Gloucester Schooner Festival Parade of Sails

We had great conditions for the Parade of Sails yesterday morning. Great for everyone but the photographer! Backlit black hulls, white sails, haze and bright blue backgrounds are a photographer's worst nightmare. Please forgive the quality of these photos.

What is important is that it was a spectacular event and everyone had an enjoyable day in Gloucester. All of the participanting schooners are represented in the slide show. All of the photos are commented with the schooner’s name. After starting the presentation, mouse over to the lower left side and click the comment icon and the comment will appear.

The schooners that are part of organizations with websites appear in earlier Schooner Festival posts. Their names will also appear in the August 2009 blog archive to the right.


Anonymous said...

Hey Stever, I love the format you use for your blog. It's a great canvas for your photographs, allowing the size and scope to be displayed.

Nice work!

Steve B said...

Thanks Joey! I appreciate the feedback.

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