Thursday, June 26, 2008

Purple Martins in Flight

I wanted to try my hand at capturing the acrobatic skills of purple martins. The males are iridescent steel blue above and below. The females are bluish black above with mottled brown below.

Purple martins almost exclusively exist in man-made martin houses placed in open fields near water. They are a joy to have around.

I hope you enjoy these shots.


Eve said...

Great shots Steve!! I'm hoping to attract these guys to my home next spring. We got a nice house at a farm supply store (in a sale cart) for $30.00!! It was normally $180!!! Wish me luck!!

A New England Life said...

I thought I would go back to when you first started blogging to see what you blogged about. Low and behold it's one of my favorite birds ... Purple Martins!

We tried for the longest time to get them in our yard but it never happened. We had the Martin house which we maintained meticulously, and we even played the CD 'Dawn Song' starting at 5:00 in the morning. LOL! Still nothing.

After doing some research it turns out there are only 2-3 recorded nesting sites in NH at this time. How unfortunate. Loved your photos of these elusive birds : )


Steve B said...

Hi Sharon, It seems like ages since I posted this. It's like it is from a different planet. We both are socked in by a snow storm now! Martins like to nest near bodies of water. Next June, go to the Plum Island lighthouse. That is where these were taken.

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